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“Your basketball career will require a tremendous amount of drive and dedication in the way you approach the game. In an agent, you will need a true partner who works just as hard off the court as you do on it. That’s how we win.

Ronnie Zeidel / President

About RZA

25+ Year Career

Ronnie Zeidel, President of RZA Sports, started with the New York Knicks where he scouted collegiate talent and helped create their first ever overnight camp and Pro Summer League. He was brought in by the NBA & NCAA as the Vice President of Marketing Partnerships and Brand Development to help launch iHoops. Ronnie led development of the brand identity and secured marketing partnerships with brands such as Adidas, Nike, Right Guard, Spalding, and others.

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15 Years at SLAM

Rafer Alston SLAM magazine coverLebron James SLAM magazine cover
Allen Iverson SLAM magazine cover
Rafer Alston SLAM magazine coverLebron James SLAM magazine coverAllen Iverson SLAM magazine cover

Ronnie joined the team at Harris Publications, where he spent 15 years helping conceptualize, develop, and build SLAM Magazine into the basketball bible that it is today. Ronnie also helped launch and build XXL Magazine, which became the No. 1 selling hip-hop magazine worldwide.

Deep Basketball Connections

As the President of Clutch Media & Marketing, Ronnie specialized in sports marketing, publishing, basketball TV production, and media relations for colleges, universities, conferences, apparel brands, and Fortune 500 companies. He advised numerous companies in the basketball marketplace, from footwear brands and performance beverages, to apparel companies and television production. His experience is varied and deep and touches nearly every aspect of the game.

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Ronnie is certified by the NBA/NBPA, the NCAA, and FIBA. We take the process of helping athletes navigate their transition from college to the professional ranks very seriously -- not just for those few who make it to the NBA but for every player we represent all over the world in the game of basketball. That is why we make sure we are up to date with our certifications and knowledge base so that we can give our clients the best and most trusted experience possible.

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Our unique brand experience and network of connections are both broad and deep, providing you access and opportunities as we develop your career together.

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Player Marketing

Through our work in publishing and with the NBA, some of the most notable players we've worked with include:

LeBron James   •   Paul Pierce    •    Stephen Curry    •    Shaquille O'Neal
Kobe Bryant    •    Chris Paul    •    Enes Kanter Freedom    •    J.J. Redick
Immanuel Quickley    •    Allen Iverson    •    Kevin Garnett    •    Brandon Jennings
Rafer Alston    •    Elton Brand    •    Metta World Peace    •    Jayson Williams
Lamar Odom    •    Grant Hill    •    Vince Carter    •    Chris Webber    •    Shawn Marion
Stephon Marbury    •    Steve Novak    •    Mason Plumlee    •    Raymond Felton

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